The NFT Community for Nomadic Travelers

A home base for all things web3 travel

Whether you want to explore Europe after a Hacker House, tour Southeast Asia after Token 2049, find the best restaurant for a meetup in Los Angeles, or drop alpha about the perfect hiking backpack you found, Nomads is the place.

Original Mint Details

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Secondary Marketplaces

Rewards for Holders!!


Discord Access

Unlock access to the Nomads Discord, a robust community of web3 / nomadic travelers, to share travel alpha, events, trips, meetups, etc. and get full access to our team.



Ongoing rewards -- trips & ticket giveaways, travel discounts & perks, Nomads swag, and other cool freebies & benefits.


App Utility

Nomads NFT holders will get special access, perks & discounts to all products & tools we build; including with TripRecs, our AI travel booking app, which will soon launch in Beta.


Future NFT access

Holders get priority rights to any future NFT projects in the Nomads ecosystem.