Power your next trip with AI


Discover destinations in disparate parts of the world


Put trips together based on those destinations


Easily book your personalized, created trip

Exciting things on the map

🍣  In-trip recs – one-off requests & recs for things to do during trips (e.g. food, bar, beach, etc.)

📚  Bookings price scraping – price scraping & ‘book later’ alerting at optimized price (comp: Thrifty Traveler)

👇 One-click bookings – ‘one-click’ bookings of entire trip for direct fee (vs. current affiliate/referral fees)

🍿  Ratings & Feedback – user trip ratings (used to inform future recs, peer trips, etc.); other user data loops

💾  Proprietary data – add & improve data pools (e.g. live weather, traffic, events, user data, more sources)

🔊 Trip sharing – share trips to socials (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.)

💳  Travel Rewards – plug into Amex, Chase, etc. travel rewards + enable using travel miles (comp: points.me)

🥷🏻  User profiles – travel history, recs, awards / accomplishments (e.g. “USA national parks — 49/63”)

🏆  Gamification (rewards, treasure hunts) – earn trophies / bounties for milestones, trips, etc.

👥  Talk to a local – discuss trips with locals or users that have been to place / on trip before

🎨  Locals curation – locals/experts paid in TripBits native currency for curation & optimization

👩🏻‍🦰  Influencer trips – experts & influencers can ‘check-off’ that rec’d trips are amazing (or create & distribute)

🔢  Analytics – track users’ previous trips, ratings, where they’ve loved, where they’d rec, # countries, etc.

📱  Social – booking emulations: ‘who wants to do X trip with me?’ + one-click matched booking

👀  Virtual tour option – can link to and/or emulate a virtual version of the trip, or a virtual trip preview